Wreck removal

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Among the topics we aim to cover, are the governance structures of EU maritime law, inland waterway transport, rules applying to seafarers, trade regulations, security issues, port regulations and competion law.

While the Nairobi Convention is not yet ratified, the EU has, notably through the “DEEPP Project” to tackle the safety and environmental issues posed by shipwrecks.

Note that some European states have made reservations in the 1996 LLMC in respect of wreck removal costs.

International law

Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007

Council of Europe – Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 1869 (2012): The environmental impact of sunken shipwrecks

EU ratification


European law

Directive 2009/20/EC of 23.4.2009 on the insurance of shipowners for maritime claims

Statements of EU Institutions

European Parliament resolution on the oil slick disaster caused by the wreck of the Erika. OJ C 304, 24.10.2000, p. 198

Written Questions by Members of the European Parliament (rule 117)

Written Question E-000233/2011 by MEP Kriton Arsenis: “Oil spills from shipwrecks pose a threat to the marine environment” with answer by Commissioner

Written Question E-4864/09 by MEP Cristiana Muscardini: “The wreck of the Cunsky” with answer by Commissioner Dimas of 17.11.2009

Written Question E-5299/08 by MEP Raül Romeva i Rueda: “Wreck of the ‘Savinosa’” with answer by Commissioner Tajani of 18.11.2008

Written Question E-5789/07 by Dimitrios Papadimoulis: “Removal of hazardous liquid fuel from the wreck of the Sea Diamond in Santorini’s volcanic lagoon” with answer by Commissioner Dimas of 24.1.2008

Written Question E-2059/03 by MEP Camilo Nogueira Román: “One-year delay by the Spanish government in extracting fuel oil from the wreck of the 'Prestige' off the Galician coast” with answer by Commissioner de Palacio of 31.7.2003

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