Environmental protection by criminal law

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Among the topics we aim to cover, are the governance structures of EU maritime law, inland waterway transport, rules applying to seafarers, trade regulations, security issues, port regulations and competion law.

After lengthy discussions and constitutional struggles that were to be resolved by the ECJ, the EU, with effect from 2010, disposes of a legal framework on environmental crime.

International law

Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of the Environment through Criminal Law of 4.11.1998 (ETS No. 172). From EU-Member States ratified by Estonia. Signed by Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania and Sweden. From EEA-Member States signed by Iceland.

EU ratification

Not applicable

European law

Directive 2008/99/EC of 19.11.2008 on the protection of the environment through criminal law. OJ L 328, 6.12.2008, p. 28. Full text (PDF format)

(annulled) Council Framework Decision 2003/80/JHA of 27.1.2003 on the protection of the environment through criminal law. OJ L 29, 5.2.2003, p. 55. Full text (PDF format)

Case before the European Court of Justice (ECJ)

Case C-176/03, Commission v. Council ECR [2005] I-7879.

Statements of EU Institutions

Commission 27.10.2011:
IP/11/1246 “Environmental crimes: Commission requests 3 Member States to adopt EU anti-sea pollution rules”

Commission 16.6.2011:
IP/11/739 “Environmental crimes: Commission asks 12 Member States to implement EU rules”

Council 14.9.2009:
PRES/09/265 “Council adopts new legislation against ship-source pollution”

Commission 16.10.2008:
IP/08/1536 “Maritime safety: the Commission acts against the United Kingdom”

Commission 26.6.2008:
IP/08/1028 “Maritime safety: the Commission takes measures against Italy and Slovakia”

Commission 11.3.2008:
IP/08/420 “The European Commission streamlines rules on protection in case of maritime pollution”

Commission 11.3.2008
MEMO/08/156 “Questions and Answers on criminal law measures against maritime pollution”

ECJ 12.11.2007:
CJE/07/76 “The European Community is competent to oblige the member states to provide for common criminal penalties in order to combat ship-source pollution”

Commission 29.3.2007:
IP/07/442 “New EU rules to crack down on sea pollution come into effect”

Commission 9.2.2007:
MEMO/07/50 “Questions and Answers on the protection of the environment through criminal law”

Commission 24.11.2005:
Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the implications of the Court’s judgment of 13.9.2005
COM(2005) 583 final

Commission 23.11.2005:
MEMO/05/437 “Commission welcomes Court of Justice judgment recognising the exclusive competence of the Community to adopt criminal law measures to ensure the effectiveness of Community law”

Commission 11.7.2005:
IP/05/888 “New EU rules to sanction maritime polluters”

Commission 11.7.2005:
MEMO/05/244 “Q&A on the new legislation on ship source pollution”

EESC 19.6.2003:
Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on the “Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on ship-source pollution and on the introduction of sanctions, including criminal sanctions, for pollution offences” (COM(2003) 92 final)
OJ C 220, 16.9.2003, p. 72

Council 2.5.2003:
Proposal for a Council Framework Decision to strengthen the criminal-law framework for the enforcement of the law against ship-source pollution, COM(2003) 227 final of 2.5.2003.

Commission 31.3.2003:
IP/03/461 “Protection of the environment through criminal law: Commission decides to take action in the Court of Justice”

Commission 5.3.2003:
IP/03/316 “The Commission proposes criminal sanctions for polluting ships”

European Parliament 15.11.2001: European Parliament recommendation on criminal sanctions and Community law. OJ C 140 E, 13.6.2002, p. 524

Commission 13.3.2001:
IP/01/358 “Commission will support Member States in the fight against environmental crime”.

Member States

Initiative of the Kingdom of Denmark with a view to adopting a Council framework Decision on combating serious environmental crime.
OJ C 39, 11.2.2000, p. 4

Written Questions by Members of the European Parliament (rule 117)

Written Question E-6260/07 by Frank Vanhecke: “Directive on the protection of the environment through criminal law” with answer by Commission Dimas of 13.2.2008

Written Question P-4368/07 by Georgios Papastamkos: “Protection of the environment through criminal law and arson attacks on forests” with answer by Commissioner Dimas of 12.10.2007

Written Question E-0720/06 by Erik Meijer: “Effects of a European Court of Justice environmental law judgment in giving the EU influence over national criminal law in a way that deviates from previous interpretations” with answer by Commissioner Frattini of 6.4.2006

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